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Auto-Feed Industrial Collated RING Plier

Auto-Feed Industrial Collated RING Plier

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Product Name: Auto-Feed Industrial Collated RING Plier
Model No: P7
Place of Origin:Zhejiang 
Delivery Date:1 MONTH
Payment Type:T/T, LC
Special Groups: New Product (2)
Cordless Nailer Guns (11)
Pallet and Case (4)
Mattress and Bedding (9)
Construction - Roof and Fence (13)
Joinery and Uphostery Furniture (9)

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 Tool Application:
1.Wire –to-wire bag close netting
2.Fish netting
3.Mesh traps
4.Package binding
5.Bag closure
Tool Features:
--- Hardened steel component
--- one-hand operation design easy for user
---Automatic feed system for ease and productivity
Tool Specification:
---Tool weight: 0.36kg (0.8lb)
---Fastener Gauge: 16GA.
---Fastener Length : 17.46cm (11/16" )
---CLOSURE SIZE: 9/32"(7-9mm)
---Magazine Capacity: 50 rings
Auto-Feed Industrial Collated RING Plier
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